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Board of Directors

Ray McLellan, President

Clayton Baldwin, Vice-President

Ryan Crabtree, Secretary

Michael Handley, At-Large






For Compliance Issues, Your Account Information, General HOA Questions or Concerns, the Board requests you contact the Management Company 970-549-9044

Contact the Board

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Irrigation Emergency Call List

Call the first person on the list and work your way down until you speak with someone or receive a return call.

Scott Withrow               970-462-1394

Ryan Crabtree               970-260-1715

Clayton Bladwin            308-249-6756 

Architectural Committee

Christine Sartoris (send requests)


Rebecca Mason

Michael Handley


Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers Needed!

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We are always in need of people to serve on the board or committees.

Fill out the form above, let us know how you'd like to serve, and click on "I Want to Volunteer." 

We will then contact you.  Thank you!

Community Association Manager

Christine Sartoris                        970-549-9044


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